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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  December 13, 2012 8:00pm-9:00pm PST

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that knock down dragout fight started as comedy but quickly it turned very very real. mascots getting violent. the ram and the panther pulling each other to the ground and throwing punches. the halftime brawl didn't end until others stepped in to pull the mascots apart, but don't worry. the ram and the panther were not hurt. that's the last call. thanks for being with us tonight. see you tomorrow night. go to there's an open thread. tell us what you thought about tonight's show. goodnight from washington. >> bill: the o'reilly factor is on. tonight ... >> the only thing left for barack obama to do is to worry about the third world dictatorses and put all these guys in jail. >> he's talking about me, your humble correspondent. this evening, we will continue our reporting. the far left on the march. [ music ]
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>> bill: young singers taylor swift and kat katy perry under e by a radical feminist who said they are insipid. definef the fiscal cliff for me. some imaginary cliff in my mind that we're going to jump off of. >> bill: jesse watt iers quizes folks about the fiscal cliff. caution. you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. hi. i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. secular forces on the march.
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that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. as we have been reporting. some committed left wing americans have been emboldened by the reelection of president obama. you're seeing that now in the budget negotiations as the president and his side are not in any compromising mood. i saw it firsthand this week when i was down in washington. there is arrogance and con desen shun in many left wing precincts despieght thdespite the fact thn ambassador today susan rice is out in consideration for secretary of state. we'll have more on that coming up. the more intelligent secular progressives understand that now is theirsi time in history. the agenda is clear. above all, the secular forces want to change the economy. they want the governor to run it and provide cradle to grave entitlements for those who cannot and will not provide for themself. they want to s control profits, taking as much money as possible away from the achievers and the
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corporations with thehe intent o redistribute the cash. that's agenda number one. number two is to obliterate some american traditions. gay marriage, not about matry mw knee any more. if you oppose gay marriage, you're a heightr or a rights denyr. legalize narcotics. the left sees drug users as victims and believes no one has a right to stand between an american and intoxication. on that not, there was an article yesterday in the "new york times" lang meanting tough prison sentences for drug offenders. the left believes they're not violent. if you're selling meth, heroin, cocaine, that's not an acted that causes harm or pain to another person, oh, no. are you kidding me? those of you who know firsthand about addiction know how crazy that point of view is. ho sell drugs are the lowest running. they are committing violence against other human beings, period. the times article says half a
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million people are in prison for drug offenses in the usa, ten times the number than in 1980. that sounds bad, doesn't it? what the paper does not, does not tell you is that violent crime in america has been cut in half since the tough mandatory prison sentences were instituted. countries much safer because hard core criminals are doing hard time. that's a fact. no one should feel sorry for killers, f rapists, and drug pushers. now, because i do commentary like this, laying out the progressive agenda, i'm a big threat to them. listen to this incredible sound bite from committed left wing guyng harry belafonte. he said people like me who oppose president obama and the lib ra agenda on some things should be dealt with. >> what fascinates me is that in the face of millions of americans expressing their desire, the whole political establishment defining its game
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that there should be this lingering infestation of really corrupt people who are still trying to dismantle the wishes of theof people, the mandate tht has beenth given to barack obam, and i don't know what more they want. the only thing left for barack obama to do is to organize the third world dictators and throw these guys in jail for violating the american desire. >> i guess violating the american desire is a felony now, right, harry? maybe the guy was just kidding. maybe. but believe me. anyone in this country who challenges the secular progressive agenda is going to get hammered. they want a country that emabrasions sociaembraces socia. that brings us to the christmas controversy which is symbolic,
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symbolic of the cul culture war. a couple of weeks ago a magazine cited retail stores allowing employees to now say merry christmas to the shoppers. years ago corporations were forbidden. they were telling employees they couldn't do that. while the war on christmas has largely gone our way, don't think it's over. it's not. listen to this exchange about the christmas holiday on the "today" show earlier this week. >> i focus on honestly the religion part of it. i really and truly do, so i can't outsource that part of it. i can send you to get my tree, but you can't help me. >> i don't like the religion part. i think religion is what mucks the whole thing up. >> bill: some americans agree with dr. snyderman there, that because christmas honors jesus who some people believe is god, that it's mucked up. mucked up, so to speak. tv writer frazier moore writes, quote, turning the no spin zone
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into a holiday war zone. o'reilly is all for keeping christ in christmas. at the same time hech proclaims that everyone, no matter their faith, should call a christmas tree a christmas tree and knock off their whining. no intelligent person could possibly see as a secular display of christmas as an imposition of religion. he declared. it's a philosophy. he told his audience. never mind that webster's new worldas college dictionary defis christianity a as the christians collectively. moor is one of the legions of media who have formed a secular clown toe toes see, posse. so i'mso going to speak very slowly to you, frazier. please take some notes. have that dictionary handy. christianity is a religion for
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those who believe jesus is god, and for those who join a to celebratech that belief, but christianity is a philosophy to people like thomas jefferson who did not believe that jesus was the deity, and mr. jefferson as well as many of the founding facts incorporated the judeo-christian philosophy into the constitution. that's why the ten commandments hang in the supreme court building. are you with me so far, frazier? images of the mangerr scene in the public square simply honor the baby jesus, the human being. the baby is not sitting at the right hand of god. he is laying there flanked by his parents. it's like the martin luther king, jr. holiday, frazier. dr. king honored as a man who helped me humanity. at christmas, jesus is honored as a man who helped humanity.
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if you want to believe jesus is god, then you can take that further as is your constitutional right. if you don't buy the religious aspect, you can just celebrate the federal holiday that was signed into law by president grant with no provision, frazier, that everyone worship jesus. not part of the deal. are you still with me? or is this too complicated for you? here's the big picture. the secular progressive agenda is opposed by many people of faith.f abortion, gay marriage, legalized drugs, all of those things are opposed by many religious americans. that is why some far left folks want to diminish judeo-christian tradition and rename the christmas tree the holiday tree. the less christmas, the better. these secular people are now more powerful than ever. their guy's been reelected and opposing forces are scattered, and that is what's going on in america on december 13th,
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2012. that's it. next on the rundown we'll have reaction from bob beckel and law ra ingraham. a marine incarcerated in mexico for no reason at all. this is outrageous. we're trying to get him release. we're back in a moment. at the t. but later... [ shirt ] merry christmas, everybody! not so much. ho ho ho! this isn't that kind of deal. [ male announcer ] break from the holiday stress. save on ground shipping at fedex office. you know how painful heartburn can be. for fast, long lasting relief, use doctor recommended gaviscon®. only gaviscon® forms a protective barrier that helps block stomach acid from splashing up- relieving the pain quickly. try fast, long lasting gaviscon®.
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between christian philosophy and christianity. >> you fought the war on christmas and you won the ballot. let's move on. >> bill: i'm not moving on. number one, it's symbolic of the culture war. >> what culture war? >> bill: you don't believe there's any tension? >>ve traditional americans and secular americans? so secular americans are not traditional americans? is that what you're suggesting. >> bill: that's true. they wantwh change. secular progress as i was want to change the country. >>ry it's mind bog ling to me. youril radio commentary, for example, was beyond belief. gay marriages. you know the majority of americans favor gay marriage? >> bill: i don't oppose gay marriage. i didn't sayge that. it's an issue that's defined as a civil rights issue. >> you said a lot of people are against gay marriage. >> bill: they are. >> not everybody. people who oppose them are mostly african-americans.
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>> bill: you're meandering here. >> i'm not meandering anywhere. >> bill: my thes thesis is thera raging culture war an your side, the secular progress as i was, arprogressives, areemboldened b. harry belafonte is call for the imprisonment of me. >> he was joking. >> bill: i debit se didn't see m smiling there. did you? how do you know he was joking. >> he laughed. >> bill: the other guy laughed because it was so insane. harry wasn't laughing. >> you think harry wants to lock you up? i think it's a worth while exercise. >> bill: i think harry be l afonte would probably embrace anything that would give him wants politically? >> you keep saying the secular left as if the secular left
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represents maybe 20% of the demographics of this country. virtually every one of these you've come up with c here, like for example, tax increases for wealthy people.e that's across theha board. republicans want it, too. a lot of republicans. independents by big numbers, democrats by big numbers. >> bill: look. it's not about a little tax hike. it's about the government taking over the economy. that's what secular progressives want. they wantth to dole out social justice, you know that. >> i don't know that. >> bill: what country do you live? do you jet off to al bainia? >> you're the one who jets off, i don't have ae jet off. >> bill: you don't acknowledge a culture war. >> unbelievable. >> bill: let's go to susan rice. were you surprised that the un ambassador is now not going to be in contention for secretary of state. >> no. >> bill: why aren't you surprised? >> they didn't want to put up with a big battle in the senate when they've got a lot of other things going on. john kerry is a good fallback.
8:17 pm
that will be where they're going to go. >> bill: president obama was mad. he would have liked to have had susan rice in that spot. >> i think he would have. >> bill: he said he'snk ashamed she was unfairly treated. do you believe she was unfairly treated. >> oh,ir yes. sure. >> bill: how was she unfairly treated? >> people made accusations about what she said in the talk shows. she was speaking directly from the intelligence reports she was given. > >> bill: why didn't she correct the record like a week later. >> she did correct the record. >> bill: when? where? >> first of all, she was -- i think it was in the un. >> bill: that'snotthe point. i said the>> you want to fight s benghazi thing all over again? >> bill: i don't want to do anything. i want to know t where she corrected the record. >> bill: was it at a club, a disco in new york. >> i don't d care. >> bill: you don't care? >> i don't care. it's your typical let's trap the guy in the comment. >> bill: you made a statement that she corrected the record
8:18 pm
and i said where. >> she was unfairly treated. > >> bill: she didn't correct the record. if she had, she would be okay. she didn't correct it. >> do you think she would say she was accurate? >> i don't know what she would say. i hope she comes on here. >> bill: let's recap. no cul culture war in your opinn >> bill: dr. rice corrected the record in new york city, but you don't know where, it could have been the bronx, staten island. >> it could have been in brooklyn. >> bill: bob beckel,m everybod. watch a him on the five. laurlaura ingraham will weigh in the secular progressives. udget e this family used capital one venture miles to come home for the holidays. that's double miles you can actually use... sadly, their brother's white christmas just got "blacked out." [ brother ] but it's the family party! really jingles your bells, doesn't it?
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>> >> bill: and by almost every measure, traditional forces in america are under siege despite what bob beckel says. how should individual americans react to thatro on both sides. joining us now is laura ingraham. you heard my talking points and you heard bob in the discussion. go. all, didfirst of perino and gutfeld put beckel's head in some type of vise and squeeze it? what's going on. there's no problem with christmas. there's no attacks on religion in the public square. susan rice was treated unfairly. we're living in a parallel universe. look. most people realize after the election as often happens in politics, the side that wins, the democrats, feel very heady. they're very cocky. they feel that the country has shifted so b much both politicay andra culturally that they can push all of these issues. >> bill: and they are. >> they can push more benefits for illegal immigrants.
8:23 pm
they can take the fight against religion and christmas and do a variety of things. the problem with that in the end, bill, is it's almost always overreaching on the part of the -- of the cocky party, the con seated party. in this case, of course, it's the democrats and more liberal democrats. they overreach. america kind of bristleles brisd people invariably say whoa, whoa, whoa. maybe we didn't like romney so much, maybe we weren't excited about him, but we're not this, either. take it slow, let us live our lives and don't try to push tradition out of all aspects of the american culture. i think democrats are at. risk f doing thatis once again. >> bill: okay. the problem is that if i were a secular progressive. >> yeah. >> bill: and i was on that side, i would put the pedal to the medal because the opposition is scattere d now. the republican party has to reorganize. old leadership is out, new leadership has to come back in.
8:24 pm
ratings for a lot of the conservative peoplehe are down, particularly those people who backed romney big timen. and sad he was going to womin the election, and people have fled. they're confused, so if i'm a secular progressive and you say look, harry belafonte coming out and i don't know whether he was kidding or not. he wasn't smiling. >> he's a committed leftist. he wasn't joking. >> bill: when he says hey, if you don't agree with the desire of the american people, all right, you know, we have a jail cell for you. you know, we're getting really now into a pretty interesting situation here. >> that's like jeffrey saying kind oft praising china recently because they can make some good business decisions for themselves, so the whole system might be somewhat admirable. they're always joking when they say something outrageous. i think they're revealing in many ways what they really think.
8:25 pm
it wasn't too many years ago, bill, that you and i were talking abouter harry's comments about condoleeza rice and even colin powell where they live in the house ofen the master. >> bill: right. >> he wasn't joking then. you know, he maybe overstated a little bit for him. >> bill: look. nobody cares about harry anyway. >> that song is in my head. you're ruining the christmas season, the banana boat song. >> bill: i like that song. >> would you sing it for us? >> i used him not because he has credibility and that he's somebody that people listen to. but to give you an example of what is being said in the salons, at the huffington post. there arese people going you knw what? if you oppose president obama now anden you oppose the secular progressive agenda, we're going to deal with you. look. the attacks on me, i have a stack of news clips all over the country because how dare o'reilly, how dare he stand in our way and point these things
8:26 pm
out? we're going after him. >> well, no. anyone or any institution or any media source that actually exposes what they really think or even questions them, how dairy you do adareyou do that? this is hate speech. if you question anyone from kanye west to belafonte or the crazies, you're somehow illegitimate. i know he what they're doing. i'm not necessarily blaming them because that's who they are. they don't like, you know, social. conservatives. they don't much like fiscal conservatives. they think they're scarier, frankly, than al-qaeda. >> bill: they don't like christian people who say this is what i believe. >> right. social conservative christians. >> bill: that i believe in marriage. that's not a causee of mind. i don't think that's going to erode if the supreme court rules
8:27 pm
on it. it wofon't erode the fabric of e country. i understand why some religious people and traditional americans say you know what? it's not the same country. w it's not what we were built on here. >> i don't think what's happening now is d that those people are demonized as haters, as terrible people, they're not loving or compassionate when they might have a deeply held religious belief or a moral belief that conflicts with the kind of popular culture. look. i don't blame them for being very heady and excited about their political opportunities, but i caution against what might happen. >> bill: if you're arrested in the middle of the night, please call here first. we'll bond you out. me, too. i'll call laura if i get arrested. >> thank you. i'll be there for you, o'reill. >> bill: we would like you to know laura signed a new radio deal starting january 2nd.
8:28 pm
laura is in good hands. we'd likeis you to vote at our bill o' poll. do you believe the factors christmas controversy coverage is accurate or overblown? the results on monday. asve the factor moves along this evening, feminists attacking taylor swift an and ky peg embassy. >>katy perry. a u.s. marine encars rated in mexico for no reason at all. we're asking the mexican government to free him. we hope you stay tuned for those reports. share "not even close." share "you owe me..." share "just right." the share everything plan. sharable data across 10 devices with unlimited talk and text. get a droid razr m by motorola for $49.99.
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>> bill: culture warrior segment tonight. along with the rise of secularism in america, militant fm nism makinfeminism. there was an article harshly criticizing katy perry and taylor swift. apparently the writer thinks they should be, quote, powerful models of mature womanliness. here are two women who might fit that description. why don't you define the point that miss paglia is trying to make? >> what she's saying, bill, there are women, successful women like taylor swift and katy perry who are in the forbes magazines that make more money than justn about anyone in terms of, you know, their music, but she's saying they're insipid,
8:33 pm
their music is bland, they're monotonous, and at the end of the day they're too buttoned up. her concern is they're not trashy and they don't reflect kind of a sense of real living, and she talks about black female performers as stronger and more defiant. she ignores the success of these women. she ignores the fact that people buy their records because they like their music, and she prefers women who apparently in her mind show more body, more bosom, more booty, and therefore, we're going backwards. > e samel: did you see it th way, that article? >> i saw it as an amazingly angry femalezi writing an artice about other successful women who she is probably jealous of. and oh, by the way, beyonce, taylor swift to a certain degree, katy perry are good role models. if you're looking at reality tv. >> bill: she didn't criticize beyonce, did she? you wouldn't dare do that. >> no, but taylor swift?
8:34 pm
>> bill: taylor swift 23 years old today, i think she's a good role model. i think she tries to put forth good things. katy perry i don't know anything about. but paglia who teaches at philadelphia at some arts college, she wants the women to do w what? what does she want? what's this womanliness thing? what does she want them to do? >> she wants the women to unbutton their blouses. >> bill: why? for what reason? >> she said you just as well be be trashy during the day if you're trashy at night. otherwise we're reminiscent of the 1950s where women was for thent and waiting men to come home. >> bill: she wants them to be trashy? did you take that away from the article? >> she said girls had to be simple, pep pee, cheerful, and modest. >> this is such a senseless article to me. there's so mucdeh more important things to talk about. >> bill: i know. there's a bigger picture,
8:35 pm
though. >> here's part of it. who does she think is a good role model in the singing world? madonna. >> we just talked about her a couple weeks ago as not being a good role model. >> bill: madonna has a whole different political agenda. >> she stripped down. she's objecting to the clothing, bill. >> bill: i haven't been o in ths thing at all. weren't feminists at one time angry about women being objectified? now she wants them to be? >> i guess. we had discussions about how the national organization of women wouldn't let me in because i was a former miss america even though i went to stanford and oxford? they probably wouldn't because i was in a beauty pageant. >> bill: now they want younger women to be morn e flashy and not getting any of this. >> i didn't get it, either. >> she doesn't want them to be modest, and she doesn't want
8:36 pm
them to be the bland, cultivated, middle class airless ghetto, she calls it, girls, and she doesn't make -- she doesn't have a real conclusion. it's not -- this is my premise, ergo. >> bill: you know what she really wants? publicity. >> money. >> she wants publicity. >> bill: she's been out of then. limelight a long time. she gets the hollywood reporter which is now some kind of left wing thing to run this piece. people start to talk about her. that's what she wants. doesn't make any sense at all. perry and swift put out records that people like. they haven't done anything offensive to me. i haven't seen anything that they'veth done. all they're doing is making an honest living, and now she says they're not womanliness. is there a word, womanliness? i don't know. >> yes. >> bill: when we come back, perhaps the most important story of the evening. a u.s. marine put in prison in mexico for nothing. the man did nothing wrong. megyn kelley on the case in just a few moments.
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campbell's has 24 new soups that will make it drop over, and over again. ♪ from jammin' jerk chicken, to creamy gouda bisque. see what's new from campbell's. it's amazing what soup can do. >> bill: i'm >> bill: we've got a lot to talk beginning with the terrible ordeal of john hammer. he's now incarcerated in mexico. the mexicans put him in prison after he registered an antique gun with the u.s. border patrol. then he crossed into mexico.
8:41 pm
apparently the mexican authorities saw the paperwork and immediately arrested corporal hammar on gun charges. that wasch four months ago and he's still in prison. senator bill nelson from florida said this. >> bring this marine home, mexican government. now that you have a new president justice installed in mexico, the relations with the united states are especially important to treat the united states u citizens who are peacel in their intent, innocent in their observation of i the mexin laws. >> bill: here now attorney and fox a anchor megyn kelly. >> he a was taking the antique n to costar coas costa rica to hu.
8:42 pm
that wasn't smart. if you gon' to mexico, don't tae anything, fly to your resort hotel and get out. >> you have to think don't bother going until mr. hammar gets out of prison. >> bill: i don't think anybody should gohi anyway. >> if the guy serves our country and gets honorably discharged. he underwent post traumatic treatment because his buddies got killed in service. he he goes just to have a surfing trip. >> bill: just to have a little fun. >> he registers the gun. he's not trying to pull a fast one. he registers with u.s. customs and the mexicans say that's it, you're going immediately to jail. here's the irony. what has our state department done? we've made a few phone calls. the parents are very upset that the u.s. consulate hasn't done more. typically the way this works is our state department calls their state department and it funnels on down the line until it gets to the local police and they say don't be ridiculous. this isn't one of those situations where somebody goes hiking over and accidentally crosses into iran. this is mexico.
8:43 pm
that's an ally of ours. we giveiv them hundreds of millions of dollars a year, bill. why isn't ity just a phone call? >> bill: let's be honest. they disrespect us all the time. number one, hillary clinton should be involved in this herself. we haven't seen any sign of that. numberat two. president obama should beam involved. we haven't seen at ny sign of that. number three. the new mexico ca new mexican p, there's no way this guy shouldn't let this marine out tomorrow. christmas is comingom up. we call the mexican embassy today. those people are totally chaotic. >> they're very busy. >> bill: they don't know what the heck is going on. they don't care. now we have t to squeeze and put presidenpressure. >> here's the irony. let's let the viewers know. we have a 1ment 9 billion billir assistant program. we've been sending money for blackhawk helicopters. recently our effort shifted to more of a law and order assistance program, and we have
8:44 pm
had the former director of colorado'colorado's penitentiarm has trade more than 5,000 mexican georgia. they're running mock trials. we're going down there to help them revamp their law and order system and they use it not against their cartels but against our marines. >> bill: his parents will be on hannity.ic we're going to do the story tomorrow. mexican embassy. we asked you all day long to comment. you're hiding. you can't continue to hide. hillary clinton, you know what? you've got to get involved, all right. miss secretary, you've got to get involved. that's it. if president obama has to get involved, then get involved. this is a marine corporal. this is an american four months for nothing. >> he didn't do anything wrong. he's facing up to 12 years in prison, potentially. >> bill: he's going to get out soon. i haveve confidence the new
8:45 pm
president of m mexico will do te right thing. >> it's a sketchy situation. they're calling the parents from the jail, trying to extort thousands of dollars. they had him moved to solitary confinement which is a shed next to the prison guards. he's been chained to the bed. we were able to stop that from happening. >> bill: enough's enough. a senator who had an intern who was in the country illegally, and a registered sex offender to boot. pick it up. >> well, that intern just got arrested. kid.only a young he's. 18 years old. >> bill: do you know what the sex charge was against him? >> no, because it was apparently. >> bill: sealed? >> it happened when he was a juvie. it happened here in the united states, and yet why was he still here? >> bill: because they don't deport people, you know. >> they take an illegal
8:46 pm
immigrant that's a sexst offendr and give him a job as an intern? >> bill: there's an article in the "boston globe" about illegal immigrants that commit horrendous crimes and nothing happens. we'll have that tomorrow. >> the associated press claims it has one u.s. official familiar with the case who is telling the ap that ice snuffed out the guy, went to the department of homeland security, said this is going to be a high profile thing because he's an intern for a senator. this official claims homeland security told ice don't make the arrest until after the election october.his is early ice and homeland security are denyingal that on the record. they claim no politics were involved, and they just made the arrest. mees then did h then did hemenei was shocked. his office said we wouldn't have known he was an illegal immigrant. how would we have checked that. >> bill: aren't you supposed to check theuf resumes and figure t
8:47 pm
where he came from? >> i it's the federal governmen. i know he was an intern. maybe ask him. >> bill: run a little check on him. you're a senator. you run a check and see where he is. >> that's the status of our offices on capitol hill right now. >> bill: megyn kelly, everyone. keep your eye on this marine. >> his parents are on america live tomorrow with me. >> bill: you have them, too? we're going to hold the president ande the secretary of state and the presidentsi of mexico accountable for this. they can get him out tomorrow. >>wr> watters world on deck. how much do the folks know about the intense debate going on in washington? watters is next. and we can save you 10% on ground shipping over the ups store.
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>> bill: back tonight. watters' world, as you know, the pinheads in washington can't get a deal done. everybody's taxes might go up january 1st and severe cuts to
8:51 pm
federal programs might kick in as well. the debate is framed as a fiscal cliff, but that's a cliche. the real issue is fairly complicatedd macro economics. we asked jess jesse watters to d out what folks really think about it. >> this fiscal cliff, i keep hearing about, where is this cliff? >> i absolutely have no idea what you're talking about. i'm really sorry. >> it's in congress. >> i have no idea. i don't know anything about politics. >> probably in baltimore? >> i don'ttti know. >> i think it's related to the mayan population. >> do you know what happens when we go over the cliff? >> yes. our taxes go up. >> w the military starts losing money. >> you like that? >> i'm fine with it. we spend a lot of money on the military. >> define the fiscal cliff for me. >> f some imaginary cliff somewhere in my mind that we'll jump offea of. >> you mean the end of the world type thing? >> not really.
8:52 pm
[ music ] >> president obama and house speaker johnjo boehner helped create this fiscal cliff. if they don't get a long term budget deal done by january 2nd, 2013, massive automatic spending cuts are triggered. now, do you know what the president's plan is to address this cliff? >> he says he wants to raise taxes on all the rich people. >> every time it comes on the radio or the news, i turn it off. >> raise taxes on the rich which i think will fund government for like ad week. >> are you worried about your taxes going up? >> no. i actually hope the fiscal fiscacliffhappens. let's do it. >> do you know who john bay boer is? >> he's the tan guy that cries a lot. >> poor thing. >> my best friend. >> i've seen him. >> we use the same tanning bed. >> the fiscal cliff. >> yes. are you afraid? >> i'm very worried, yes indeed. >> i'm scared of heights. >> are you nervous? >> i think you're making me
8:53 pm
nervous. [ music ] >> just the day before the painful spending cuts take place, theef bush tax cuts expi. that's why they call it the fiscal cliff. president obama wants to let those taxes go up on the so-called rich, generating $80 billion in revenue. that's eight days of federal spending, less than one percent of our $16 trillion debt. do you know how much debt america is in right now? >> like billions, like 14 billion dollars or something like that. >> do you know what our national debt? is right now? >> no idea. >> i'm going to say 30 something trillion. >> 16>> trillion. you just doubled it. are you a factor fan by any chance? >> i lovech you. >> thank you. >> andha i love him, but i'm too cheap for cable. >> how are you? i watch you almost every day. >> i don't like his commentary. i've been out of the country two years. >> let me guess, you've been in
8:54 pm
france. >> how do you know? i nailed it. >> bill: so you're roaming around dc and i always ask you this question, but it's interesting to me. what, a coupe dozen people? >> about two dozen. >> bill: all right. so whatha percentage of them hae any includ clue at all what's a? >> half of them were totally clueless. it's because it's so boring. no one cares. they're talking about trillions of dollars, and they do this man who cried wolf all the time. they have these cliffs with the debt ceiling, with the bush tax cuts. people are number to this. they do this every christmas. they don't care. >> bill: look. number one, when you say 16 trillion dollar debt, it doesn't mean to anybody. >> you can't wrap your head around that. >> bill: if you said look, if you don't make your car payment, they know. >> that's real money. >> bill: number two, it's a pretty complicated situation. it'sua not just raising the taxs on the wealthy and corporations, there's a lot of other stuff involved in it as well. out of the two dozen people, were there anybody -- was there
8:55 pm
one person who really had a handle on it? >> well, we ran into an actual person who works for a senator, s -- that made the package because without her, no one would have known what's going on. >> one out of 20? >> she's a factor fan. she actually said she loved me. >> bill: you can't have everything. jesse watters, everybody. he's thgoing to hawaii. watters is going to hawaii because the president is vacationing there. >> that's right. >> bill: i'm sure the president will invite you. you'll be out and in why key ke. the tip is in a 6 60 seconds aw. this holiday, share everything.
8:56 pm
share "not even close." share "you owe me..." share "just right." the share everything plan. sharable data across 10 devices with unlimited talk and text. get a droid razr m by motorola for $49.99. >> bill: factror tip of the day. it's an amazing situation. look at this full page ad in the "new york times" today. celebrating the fact that killing kennedy is the number one non-fiction selling book in
8:57 pm
the country, killing lincoln, number two after 62 weeks in the that has never happened before in publishing history in the united states as far as we know. also the killing kennedy audio book, tonp seller this year. the kids book lincoln's last days is number one. trulyio incredible. thank you all. to the mail. steve from washington. bill, of course the network news did not show the violence in michigan. they're all union members. i'm a proud union member, steve. doesn't make any slant stories. there's no execute for it. frank from the pacific. i'm a proud union member and deemployer what happened in michigan. bill, your guest defending the union violence was irritating. please let liberals do their things on msnbc. i want to hear the opposing points of view. it's boring. that's why we maintain our number one status on the factor. we embrace robust debate. >> as a print journalist for more than 50 years, i agree you
8:58 pm
have to cover violent protests. glenn from oregon. i agree with miller. president obama has made it clear he doesn't like half the country. kathy from new mexico. i am tired of miller running down america. we remain a great nation with opportunity everywhere. alberto from mexico. o'reilly, you and miller are the most unfascinating people in america. daniel from pennsylvania. just watched the bolder, fresher dvd. it's selling briskly on bill o' for christmas. catch us in person if you can, dan. it's wild. details on the shows on calvin from new york. bill, love the segment with barbara walters. you give her the business, she gives it right back. jennifer from california. o'reilly, i do not think bar raa likes you. let's be honest, jennifer. who does? diane from california.
8:59 pm
hey, bill, barbara wished you happy holidays. why didn't you wish her merry christmas. watching the factor at happy hour? doing?e you >> your merry christmas reply to barbara was perfect. see there, diane. doug got it, you missed it. a reminder. the sotheby's auction house tomorrow will sell this poster to benefit the wounded warriors foundation. all five living presidents signed it it's extremely valuable but most importantly, itt will help our military peope who badly need help. you guys who can afford it out there, you guys and gallons, this is a tremendous historical artifact, one of a kind. actually, there are three in the world because we've got three of them signede by all five. that's it. never going to happen again. so check out sotheby', the auction is tomorrow, and obviously we want to raise as much money as possible for the warriors, okay? that is it for us tonight. check out the fox news factor


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